Palliative care, also known as end of life care, is specialised support for those suffering from terminal illnesses. It focuses on relieving people of their symptoms and easing the pain and stress of their illness.


Pinewoods Homecare has a team of specialist palliative carers, tasked not only with providing individuals with daily care that maintain their dignity, but also offering emotional support to their loved ones.

Our palliative care and support team assist with the likes of personal care, medicine and shopping, and arrange night care and waking shifts to provide reassurance that there is a trained carer available when needed. We can also take people to and from appointments, thereby relieving the strain on loved ones for whom it is not always easy to be available.

Perhaps most importantly, our palliative care and support team are a source of great compassion and personalised care for the people we look after, which can prove to be invaluable at such difficult times.


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